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Regional Roundnet Championships - São Paulo, Brasil

On Sunday, October 27th 2019, Roundnet Brazil hosted the 2nd Roundnet Regional Championship in São Paulo. In this Championship there were 22 teams and 3 categories: male amateur, female amateur and Pro.
Roundnet Brasil
The location was like something out of our wildest dreams. Sand courts in an Urban landscape makes for a lot of fun, PLUS, beach roundnet is the BEST!

This was the first time in a tournament that we made an exclusive category for the female teams. As an organization, we want Roundnet to be a sport that women are more present and for this reason, we will continue to encourage this movement.

The PRO category continues to grow all around the national territory. Amazing plays were witnessed and but most noticeably the development and creativity in serving has been an important asset for the game strategy for our players. 
Roundnet Spikeball Brasil
The male amateur category had new teams that have decided to venture and compete their first tournament. This was mostly made up by high school kids, but also had some players who were older and they showed that the experience makes the difference 
Roundnet Spikeball Ireland
After all this, the main learning was that to keep the community strong and to increase the number of players, we need to do this again and again and again. New players, more love for roundnet, worldwide communities.. Thats what we call The Roundnet World. 

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Roundnet Spikeball Brasil
Written by: Roundnet Brasil

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