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In Part 1 of 'The Content Creators: Influential Content' you learned that we asked a question on our Instagram Story- "Who are your favorite roundnet content creators?" you responded- and we wanted to recognize these people! The goal of this blog post is shed some light on some awesome work people are doing, as well as providing you with a table of contents for all roundnet related content available to you within a couple clicks! 

We asked these content creators a simple question: Write a brief history of the roundnet related content you’ve produced, plus what people can expect if they visit your content! Here are the rest of the responses from the influential content creators! Here are the rest of the responses we received.

Chris Hornacek: Chris was one of the first people to make consistent roundnet content. Beginning with his Instagram account as well as his Twitch channel (Chornspikes). 

Hilltop Spikes: Our names are Max and Cole Model, we’re 19 and 18 years old, and together we make up Hilltop Spikes. We’ve been playing Roundnet for 5 years now, and we started our Instagram page @hilltopspikes 5 years ago in 2015. We came from seeding 64th at East Regionals in 2015, to being the 3rd ranked team in the country in 2018. Over the years, our Instagram page has been one of the most viewed in the sport of Roundnet, now totaling over 3000 followers. We’ve been posted on @Spikeball multiple times doing trick shot hits, serves, and for some great points too. We love producing content that makes people want to train harder and get better. We like to post videos of us training because it showing people how much we practice and what it takes to compete at the highest level of Roundnet. We also recently created a YouTube Chanel (Hilltop Spikes Roundnet) which we hope to be posting more on in the future. There’s a great cut serve tutorial posted right now that over 10,000 people have viewed!

Roundnet Ireland: In order to introduce Roundnet to a country that had never even heard of the sport before we had to create content that would attract people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. This was by no means an easy task but we believed if one sport could catch the eye of a whole nation, it had to be Roundnet! We began by simply investing in a GoPro and finding free editing software and it took off from there. We are proud of all the compilation videos we created from the very first ‘Spikeball Session’ in Simon’s backyard to playing Roundnet in surreal locations across Australia, Central America and Europe. The secret behind creating positive, energetic and engrossing content is to be inspired by your mission. Whats yours? We hope that you will share your journey of development with the world so that we can look back and see how far we have come together.

Do a Barrel Roll: When we started playing roundnet four years ago, we were excited to connect with the amazing community beyond the in-person experience at tournaments, so we created our team Instagram @do.a.barrel.roll to follow other teams’ clips and updates. While wanting to join the content creating fun, we wanted to goof off with our posts, so we primarily posted lowlights. Soon after we began a weekly #flopfriday to show you don’t have to be good to have a blast playing roundnet. Since then, we’ve branched out a bit and enjoy using other mediums to share content however we can to build the sport and community. Beyond Instagram,  Ezra is writing/editing for the SRA Rally Blog and Ben is streaming on twitch (bdantowitz) to discuss hot topics with the community.

Strong Flush Roundnet: We make lots of exciting videos of Roundnet! A brand new 2019 team! Mash up team of The Bros and We The North! Brand new Canadian team. We are now top 25 in the world :). Checkout our YouTube channel: Spikeball Strong Flush.

Mauktega Roundnet: We try to provide a continual update throughout the season via content. We hope to allow our followers to join in on our season and experience pro level roundnet through following our page. We also like to showcase that defense even at the highest level of our sport is possible, and plays a big part in making roundnet exciting to watch. We have fun playing this sport, and we want to inspire others to play the sport at the highest level, or to root for/support us along the way :).

Anchored LI Spikeball: Anchored makes brief highlight videos after tournaments periodically, they also share lots of quality rallies on their Instagram account!

David Gonzales: I have a YouTube Channel. Had it since 2016 but haven’t been active till 2018. I try to record all the tourneys I play in and make a highlight video. Some of my best videos include highlights of Bolivia, Shake n’ Bake and Sauciness. I plan on making other types of videos soon. But for now just come and enjoy some cool shots, defensive plays, and great sets.

Thanks to all of the people who responded to our initial question on our Instagram story which ultimately led to the compilation of this blog post! We also want to thank these influential content creators and the other people out there who are doing great work! We hope this inspires you to either start an Instagram account or Facebook group dedicated to roundnet, or maybe a YouTube channel or anything else you can come up with to spread the joy of roundnet!

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