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Roundnet World Isolation Special Player Interview #5 - Kenny Ortega - Top 3 Spikeball Roundnet Nationals Finisher

What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?

Kenny Ortega - 2018 Spikeball Roundnet Assoc. Nationals 3rd Place Finisher

Kenny Ortega spikeball roundnet pro player interview

Written By: Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

Roundnet Season Break 

Just like the rest of you, I’m lounging around watching roundnet highlight videos and hitting serves against my bedroom wall.

So, I was thinking it would be cool to write an article to show others what some roundnet players around the nation, and world, are doing during this downtime! 

Ortega Perennially In the Hunt - No Matter Who His Partner Is

Kenny Ortega has been at the top of the roundnet scene, with different partners, for many years. 

Kenny busted onto the roundnet scene with Zach Wood, and formed ‘Point Loma Spike’, where they finished 3rd in the Spikeball Roundnet Association Pro Division at the 2018 national championships in Santa Monica, CA. 

Then he teamed up with former national champion Troy Mauk and formed ‘Mauktega’, who finished 2nd at the 2019 SRA West Regionals, going to 3 games with champions ‘Boysterous’. 

Ortega is looking for more hardware to add to the trophy case with his newest partner, Josh Fragiacomo who finished 3rd at 2019 SRA west regionals with team ‘Sub Par’, as they are forming ‘Mammal Roundnet’.

PL Spikeball Nationals Highlights 2018

Roundnet Training:

Roundnet Related

What are you doing related to training for roundnet?

A few hitting and reaction drills against a wall when I can. 

Playing indoor one bounce spike off the walls with family.

Honestly, it's pretty hard right now with the stay at home policy and all the parks closed in SD to get touches.


Non-Roundnet Related

Home workouts

Biking a lot more to put less strain on my ankle (which he previously had surgery on), and HIIT workouts with home weights and such.


Ever since Christmas my wife and I decided to go vegetarian for health and environmental reasons. 

I thought it was going to be really hard because meat has been in so much of my diet, but I've adjusted pretty well. 

In terms of hydration water is my go to source of liquid each day. Well, I also have chocolate milk after almost every workout too


In regards to sleep, I'm pretty committed to getting 8 hours every night.


Non-Roundnet Related

What are you doing for yourself during downtime from roundnet gatherings?

I have been picking up old hobbies, which has been great. 

I've been working on sharing some of my music again which has been fun. 

Shameless plug, you can go to my personal instagram @kortega33 to see some of the new live videos or search Candor Codes on spotify, itunes, and bandcamp for older recorded stuff.

My wife and friends also like to play a lot of board games and we've been doing that even more over the last few weeks.

What are you missing most not going to tournaments/pickup/

What I'm currently missing most at tourneys is the competition and intense moments that come with major tournaments. 

I love when every point matters and could determine the outcome of the match!

Thanks, Kenny!

Check back for more “What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?” interviews!

Spike on!

- Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

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