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Roundnet World Isolation Special - Player Interview #11 - Austin Rawlings

Roundnet World Isolation Special -Player Interview #11 - Austin Rawlings 

8/21/20 - Interview By: Tom Witt 
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Roundnet Season Break

Just like the rest of you, I've been lounging around watching roundnet highlight videos and hitting serves against my bedroom wall.

So, I was thinking it would be cool to write an article to show others what some roundnet players around the nation, and world, are doing during this downtime! 

Austin Rawlings's Notable Career Stats:

  • 4th in Grand Rapids 2019
  • 4th in Salt Lake City 2019
  • T-5th in San Diego, San Francisco, Columbus 2019
  • Ubiquitous was ranked as high as 13th in 2019

Read More About Austin Rawlings Below!

No description available.

What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?

Roundnet Training:

I’ve got my net set up in my garage.

Practicing serving and continuing to develop my left-handed serve.

I’ll also do corner drills working on pushing, pulling, and right and left-handed flicks.

I should be posting some videos on @Hand_of_God_Roundnet so keep an eye out.

I’ve also working on shoulder strength/mobility with resistance bands and some lateral mobility exercises.

Nutrition, Training, Recovery:

The amount of fruits and veggies I consume is definitely lacking, but I’m currently trying to put on some weight this offseason.

I’ve been increasing my healthy fat and protein consumption and reducing carb consumption while increasing total caloric intake.

I cook almost all of my meals. My roommate and I will occasionally order take out to support local businesses that are struggling.

I try to stay hydrated daily, along with getting 8+ hours of sleep every night.

In my experience, both things are very important for putting on muscle and athletic performance.

*Check out the link for more roundnet related nutrition strategies - 'Roundnet Tournament Hydration and Nutrition Strategies'*

'Roundnet Athletes And Sleep - Are They Getting Enough?'

What Are You Doing For Yourself During Downtime From Roundnet Gatherings?

I’m still working full-time from home so I haven’t had tons of time to pick up a new hobby.

I love playing League of Legends, add me if you play (Arawl). And I’ve been delving back into Breath of the Wild on Master Mode.

I also started up reading through the Harry Potter series again. Currently on the Chamber of Secrets.

VIDEO: DP vs Ubiquitous (Game 1) - SRA West Tour San Francisco - Featuring Preston Bies and Dylan Fogarty!

Advice for Others During This 'Free-Time' to Help Improve at Roundnet?

Austin's Training Tips:

Take this time to refine certain skills.

You can get hundreds more hitting reps by playing against a wall than you can by playing a game.

Many of the best players have spent countless hours in a basement or garage by themselves refining their skills.

Practice hitting push/pull/flick shots with both hands. Simulating different kinds of sets. Work on off-net hitting.

Also, I’d advise messing around with different ways of manipulating the ball and trying new things.

I’m guessing I don’t really need to tell people to practice serving. 

What Are You Missing MOST?

I’m definitely missing the Mangoons and other friends all around the country.

I miss being competitive.

Also, I am looking forward to finally playing a tournament with Chandler Hertzler as team 'Hand Of God'

Favorite Roundnet Tournament: 

I think my favorite memory was Seattle 2018.

It’s when I first felt connected with the rest of the community.

I earned premier that tournament but it was all the awesome new friends I made that made me want to keep playing and traveling.


No description available. 

Thank you, Austin!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Spike on!

- Tom Witt  

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VIDEO: Ubiquitous vs Gucci Swagball 1000 Quarter Finals Game 1 Salt Lake City Spikeball Tour Stop 2019


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