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Jacob Payer: #1 Special Isolation Edition

What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break? 

Featuring: Roundnet Collegiate National Champion Jacob Payer

Jacob Payer Roundnet Spikeball Blog pro

Written By: Tom Witt 
Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog
Just like the rest of you, I’m lounging around watching roundnet highlight videos and hitting serves against my bedroom wall.
So, I was thinking it would be cool to write an article to show others what some roundnet players around the nation, and world, are doing during this downtime!

Payer Payer Ace Sprayer

The first interview in this series features 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Association collegiate national champion, member of a top ten nationally ranked team, and dude who is loved across the nation, Jacob Payer of Cal Poly University, San Luis Obispo (SLO) in SLO, CA!

I asked Jacob to answer a few questions roundnet related, and not roundnet related. 

Read ahead and keep practicing that lefty, tweener, reverse, cut drop serve!

Roundnet Training:

What are you doing related to training for roundnet?

  • Trying to play isolated as much as I can (serving/hitting/setting practice).
  • Hitting to a wall is my best friend.
  • Watch videos! There’s 100’s of players that have lots of content out on YouTube.

What are you doing non-roundnet related?

  • Going on hikes & runs more! Helps to have cardio workouts too.
  • Some notable GOAT’s in Roundnet (Buddy & Jarratt) have been doing online workouts that’ve been killer!
  • Disc Golf! Working on wrist control for power & precision is crucial for success in roundnet.

What is your nutrition like during this time?

  • I try to eat eggs everyday.
  • I also try to have multiple fruits per day.
  • I don’t drink soda, so I’d say that’s pretty healthy! (Trust me you don’t want to, it’s not good for you).

What has your Hydration, cooking, sleep, etc. looked like?

  • I have multiple reusable water bottles that I crank through!
  • I’ll try to cook everyday, it can get too expensive to eat out. 
  • Getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night, read a book before you sleep! It’s not healthy to view that phone screen before you snooze.

A Few Non-Roundnet Related Questions

What are you doing for yourself during downtime from roundnet gatherings?

Any new hobbies, old hobbies, etc.?

  • Lots of Disc Golf( let’s play @ Clark Marshall )
  • Picked up bowling a few months ago, it’s great! But a lot of the alleys are closed!

Art, reading, cooking, knitting etc.?

  • Gaming a little bit (Clash Royale let’s goo)
  • Journaling everyday!


More Roundnet Related Questions

Advice for others during this freetime to help improve at roundnet?

  • Watch videos of some of your fav players!
  • Be involved with the Facebook group if you aren’t already, tons of players are on there & the community is very welcoming & friendly
  • Ask! Players that have experience will gladly tell you about all they’ve done in the Spikeball Roundnet Community.

What are you missing most not going to tournaments/pickup/practice?

  • Mangoons
  • Everyone else in the community!

All time favorite tournament attended?

  • Either College Nationals playing with Sam last year, or Pt. Pleasant with Ryan Baillargeon last year!

Notable tournament finishes/power rankings

  • Winning 2019 SRA college nationals 
  • 2nd at Pt. Pleasant, NJ SRA Tour Stop
  • Power rankings: 10th spot with Sam Buckman, 12th spot with Ryan Baillargeon

Thanks Jacob! 

Check back for more “What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?” interviews!

Spike on!

Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog


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