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Roundnet World Isolation Special Player Interview #2 - Logan Cornelius - National Champion - 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Nationals Premier Division

What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break? 

Spikeball roundnet pro interview logan cornelius

Featuring: 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Association Premier Division National Champion

 Logan Cornelius

Written by Tom Witt 

Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

Roundnet Season Break 

Hey Ballers, Tom here. Just like the rest of you, I’m hanging around, watching roundnet highlight videos and hitting serves against my bedroom wall.

So, I was thinking it would be cool to write some articles to show to others what some roundnet players around the nation, and world, are doing during this downtime!

From Texas to SF - Lo’Nelius

The second interview in this series features Spikeball employee, 2019 SRA Premiere division national champion, perennially top ranked player and well loved guy across the nation, Logan Cornelius!

Logan hails from the south, Texas to be exact. He just recently moved with his significant other, Savannah, to the west coast, to San Francisco. 

I asked Logan to answer a few questions roundnet related, and not roundnet related. 

Read ahead and keep practicing that lefty, tweener, reverse, cut drop serve!

Roundnet Training:

What are you doing related to training for roundnet?

  • Unfortunately my apartment is super small so my training ability is somewhat limited but there is an open courtyard area where I will have enough space to do serve practice (with balls going over the fence only sometimes) and a lot of corner drills for setting and hitting. 
  • As with most of my practice these days I’ll be focused on my serving to get more width, speed, and consistency on my variety of serves (while not killing my body haha). Then I’ll be coupling that with a lot of corner drills for footwork, hit variety, and set consistency. Sometimes corner drills are my favorite way to play though so it’s not too bad. Also just want to make sure mentally I’m not trying to burn myself and my body out as who knows how long this all is going to last, but I’ll be training solo during it! 

What are you doing non-roundnet related?

  • Just trying to stay active everyday and stay in shape. 
  • Will be doing a mixture of bodyweight workouts, light dumbbell workouts, runs, and RingFit adventure on the switch haha Savannah got it for me for Christmas and it’s getting a lot more use these days. 
  • Also Savannah is getting me to just go on walks to get some fresh air which is good for me (and our dog because he goes nuts being inside all day)

What is your nutrition like during this time?

What has your Hydration, cooking, sleep, etc. looked like?

  • This honestly isn’t going to change anything for me too much. 
  • Savannah and I both cook a meal once a week and have a pretty balanced diet that’s low fat, although we do love our sweets. We’ll mostly stay the same there, we don’t eat out much, but we’re trying to take out a little bit more on the weekends just to support local businesses since we aren’t spending as much being inside all the time. 
  • Sleep is pretty normal too. We get around 8 hours each night, I’ll stay up later some nights but most of the time we’re on a pretty good sleep schedule.


A Few Non-Roundnet Related Questions

What are you doing for yourself during downtime from roundnet gatherings?

Any new hobbies, old hobbies, etc.?

  • Savannah and I are getting a lot of time together which is nice and makes being quarantined more fun! 
  • We’re going to try to do a date night every other week to give it a feel as if we’re getting out of the house. We did some youtube salsa lessons most recently! 
  • Otherwise I have been playing a lot of board games via Table Top Simulator with friends. I’m a big board game guy and love playing. 
  • Most recently been playing a lot of Scythe, Root, and Gloomhaven, but will probably try to learn some new games during this time as well! 
  • I am looking to hone some of my programming skills and dive into learning React Native. 
  • I plan on reading as well. I just started a book that looks into Jesus life from a cultural perspective of that time period. Hope to finish that and read some more books over different topics! 
  • And of course Savannah and I have been playing Animal crossing and building up our island as best as possible.

More Roundnet Related Questions

Advice for others during this freetime to help improve at roundnet?

  • I would say set a schedule for training and stick to it. 
  • That’s what has helped me see my largest gains throughout my career. When I plan what days I’m going to train and what drills I’m going to do, I see the most improvement in those times. 
  • And many times that solo drilling is what can really hone your skills and you’ll have plenty of time to do that. 
    • Set time each day or week however you can and drill those skills. 
    • Now is a great time to become an amazing setter and hitter with a large arsenal. 
    • You probably don’t even have to work on your serve because that’s probably the first thing you learned because you’re in the era of serveball, so stop being bad at all those other skills now! 

What are you missing most not going to tournaments/pickup/practice?

  • Pickup/practices by far. 
  • Tournaments are a lot of fun, but just the consistent playing a few times a week is what I miss. 
  • Those are so much fun and they’re a good measure of how my personal practice is going, I get to put the skills I’ve been drilling to the human test. 
  • I was seeing a lot of solid progress before all this hit and now it’ll be awhile before I have that in game measure again and that certainly is tough for me. 
  • Beautiful days are the worst when you can’t go out and play in them!

Thanks Logan! 


Check back for more “What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?” interviews!


Spike on!

Tom Witt 

Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog



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