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Roundnet World Isolation Special Player Interview #3 - Jordi Vigna - National Champion - 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Nationals Women's Division

What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break? 

Featuring: 2019 SRA Women’s Division National Champion - Jordi Vigna

Jordi Vigna Roundnet spikeball pro player interview

Written By: Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

Roundnet Season Break 

Hey Ballers, Tom here. Just like the rest of you, I’m lounging around watching roundnet highlight videos and hitting serves against my bedroom wall.

So, I was thinking it would be cool to write an article to show others what some roundnet players around the nation, and world, are doing during this downtime!

National Champion Jokester Jordi

The third interview in this series features 2019 SRA women’s roundnet national champion, California Association of Spikeball Roundnet commissioner, international baller and champion joke-cracker - Jordi Vigna!

I asked Jordi to answer a few questions roundnet related, and not roundnet related. 

Read ahead and keep practicing that lefty, tweener, reverse, cut drop serve!

Roundnet Training:

What are you doing related to training for roundnet?

  • Getting in touches 
  • 1v1 stuff 
  • Crispening my serves

What are you doing non-roundnet related?

  • What’s training if it isn’t sports?

What is your nutrition like during this time?

  • Do milkshakes count?

What has your Hydration, cooking, sleep, etc. looked like?

  • I’m on a poke bowl kick! 
  • Other than that, I gotta get in my 5 main food groups: 
    • steak, chicken, fish, pork, and milk 

A Few Non-Roundnet Related Questions

What are you doing for yourself during downtime from roundnet gatherings?

Any new hobbies, old hobbies, etc.?

  • Online school, work 
  • Lots of board games 
  • And always making up new sport/games

Art, reading, cooking, knitting etc.?

  • I built a bar table for my patio!

More Roundnet Related Questions

Advice for others during this freetime to help improve at roundnet?

  • Make up fun games and drills 
  • Get creative and brainstorm with your best Roundnet pal

What are you missing most not going to tournaments/pickup/practice?

  • The PEOPLE! I love the community Roundnet brings

All time favorite tournament attended?

  • My all time favorite tournaments is a tough question! 
  • It would be a tie between Santa Monica grand slam 2018 with Tori Farlow
  • Or New Jersey 2019 stop playing with Becca Graham

Notable tournament finishes/power rankings

  • 1st 2018 Santa Monica grand slam with Tori Farlow and 1st at 2019 nationals with Becca Graham!

Thanks Jordi! Check her play on EPSN. 

Check back for more “What Are You Doing During the Roundnet Season Break?” interviews!

Spike on!

- Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog


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