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The Content Creators: Influential Content Part 1

Here at Roundnet World our goal is simple. Promote the sport of roundnet so it continues to grow globally. Over the past couple years, there has been a strong base of players and communities that have an incredible passion for the sport. So much so that many of them are creating lots of awesome online content! Additionally, this same strong base has a thirst for more and more content themselves! Whether it is highlight videos, Twitch streams, Periscope streams, YouTube tutorials sometimes it's nice to kick back and watch some quality content. But who are the most influential content creators in our community? A little over a week ago we asked a question on our Instagram Story- "Who are your favorite roundnet content creators?" You all responded, and we reached out to each person who was recommended during our poll! The goal of this blog post is to take the responses from everyone and shed some light on some awesome work people are doing, as well as providing you with a table of contents for all roundnet related content available to you within a couple clicks! 

We asked these content creators a simple question: Write a brief history of the roundnet related content you’ve produced, plus what people can expect if they visit your content! Here are the responses we've received so far:

Preston Bies/Boysterous Spikeball: My whole idea and hope for my content is simple. Produce high quality content, with high quality lessons... for people to view for FREE!  Started about a month ago making content, hopefully will be going for years! (find his YouTube channel at “How to Roundnet” and pick up tips to improve your game!).

Tom Goulet: (everyone loves hearing from Tom Goulet, so we allowed him to write a little bit more). It’s hard to sum up the type of work I do for Spikeball because it includes a lot of different types of things like photography/videography, graphic design, video editing, social media strategizing and everything in between. But here are some things I’ve been most proud of:
- Producing segments/commercials and editing the Spikeball shows together for ESPN
- Photographing and designing the packaging for Spikeball Rookie and Spikebuoy (I learned a lot from designing the Rookie Set and I think I did a way better job on Spikebuoy. I’m excited for the next one)
- Designing Limited Edition Pro Sets (Got some cool new ones on deck 👀)
- Coining the term “Lobster Trap”
- Doing all the Spikeball product photography
- Making some cool tournament recap videos and other videos like SpikeSchool, Top 10, Drills, How to Play, April Fools, RPR, etc. etc. (and more to come very soon...)
- Designing logos (I really sucked at making logos at first but I’ve gotten better and I’ve been really proud of some of the ones I’ve made recently like the logos for 2019 Nationals/College Nationals)
- Designing the look (UI) of the Spikeball App
- Running the Spikeball social media accounts - most importantly the @spikeball Instagram account (this is by far what I’ve been most proud of - it’s been amazing to see it blow up recently with all the amazing pics/videos from the community. Honestly I feel weird taking any credit because it’s really just a conglomerate of cool stuff that people send in). It’s been really cool to get to design so many different parts of the brand. Since I’m the only designer at the company I get to be a big part of the design process for each new thing we do which is really cool for me. And since I didn’t have any experience in a lot of the things I currently do (packaging design, logo design, social media managing, beating Tommy Adesso in a tournament, editing for TV, etc.) I feel like I’ve been getting better at those things with each chance I get. I’m excited to keep doing what I do to try to make Spikeball look cool. Thanks to everyone in the Spikeball community for helping us do that.

Drew Cisek: My YouTube channel is very basic. I go to Spikeball/roundnet tournaments, and I tape the games that I feel people would want to see, which obviously include the semifinals and finals. These videos are posted to my channel with no music or commentary. People have suggested that I add scores and commentary, but I just do this for fun, and am not looking to spend a lot of time on these videos. I’m glad that many players enjoy watching these videos. I’ve been posting videos for the past five years, and there are currently over 1,400 Spikeball/roundnet videos on my YouTube channel. (Drew's channel is called 'Drew Cisek' it's widely known among the competitive community as the go-to source to watch film or watch quality games).

Mike White: I am in charge of The Rally blog on! Most recently the content produced has been the Power Rankings and tournament previews. The first Friday of each month come check out the latest top 25 list! Also be sure to check every Friday for the tournament scoops. Formerly The Rally blog included more, like general articles, podcasts, and more. Will these return? Let’s find out. P.S. Thanks to everyone out there making roundnet content!

Roundnet Belgium: Our main goal is to make Spikeball/roundnet as appealing to the most people as possible. So we always create content in function of that. That means we mostly make logos, graphics,... to promote our events and tournaments. Recently, we also launched our site On the one hand to legitimize our organisation, on the other to be more findable by people! Lastly, when we have the time, we try to make after movies of our events. Here’s one from Nationals 2018:

Texas Roundnet: As far as written content goes one of our biggest hitters is the Texas Top 100. Our big thing is connecting people across the state and motivating players to compete and play more! One thing we found through our years of playing is that lists get people amped in either a good way or bad way, but either way it gets people discussing and it motivates them. We wanted to take that and tie it into our hub and tournament model here in Texas! It’s also fantastic because it can shed some light on players that people don’t know about and give them a comparison to other players around the country. The Texas Top 100 has been such an exciting thing in Texas that has connected our hubs, motivated our players, given incentive to compete and tournaments, and most of all it falls in line with our overall goals of building the sport in Texas! As TASR grows we look to have more write ups on our tournaments, the high school and college scenes, guides on running hubs and tournaments, and of course more iterations of the Texas Top 100 each quarter! Check out everything TASR has to offer on! 

Andrew Card: My YouTube channel is strictly highlights from tournaments and meetups that I’ve been a part of. There’s content all the way back from 2014 through tournaments now. If you visit you can expect lots of fun rallies with some semi-decent edits to go along with them. (Andrew's YouTube channel is called 'Trippy Lizard', also the roundnet team he currently plays on).

Roundnet Germany: is an organization founded by two guys – Lukas Schmandra and Nils Grimm – who have the vision to build up a kind of umbrella organization for all the different clubs, communities and players in Germany. We founded the German Roundnet Tour (GRT), where we love to welcome players from all over Europe and the rest of the world. The GRT is a tournament tour through Germany, where you can collect points for the German Tour-Team-Ranking. Almost every Tournament of every German community can be part of the GRT as a “tour stop, if they fulfill just a few easy regulations. Additionally, we as Roundnet Germany are organizing six Master-tournaments in cooperation with the Paulaner Beach Days, in six big cities and amazing sand locations around the country. Here we are thankful for the support by AutoLevy - a Toyota car dealership, as well as Deutsche Vermögensberatung, enabling us to put up a professional system and invest so much of our time. Exclusively for German Players, we also have the first official German Nationals at the end of August for mixed, women’s and men’s teams, taking place in Freiburg, where we have a great cooperation with one of the German roundnetcommunities – the BLACKFORESTMONKEYS. For more information follow us and Roundnetworld to be up to date with our new projects for 2020. 

Travis Core: I make highlight tapes of great days of pick up and from every tournament I attend. I also upload full games to my YouTube channel. I owe a lot of my ability to get better to people like Drew Cisek and Andrew Card who were the first people I began watching high level roundnet videos from. Look for more highlights and full games at my YouTube channel and subscribe for updates on content!

Livonia Roundnet: Livonia roundnet is one of the original Michigan accounts that focuses on posting rallies, cool plays, and showing our Michigan talent to the world. We posted fun long rallies, to slow motion cut serves, to just funny weekly mentions of the people that go to our pick ups. Our core players have grown a ton and our page serves to show this as well, showing the Livonia players growth from the very beginning. We hope to keep producing fun content and potentially longer content in the future potentially one day getting into YouTube/Twitch.

Their second response which they wanted us to post: “Livonia Roundnet is a group of the littest, hypest, possibly dopest, WETTEST, coolest, without a doubt bestest Roundnet players in the galaxy. (And maybe the best club in SE Michigan.)” (lol).

We plan on releasing a second part of this blog post when we get responses from other influential content creators in our community! You can also find Roundnet World on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter (@roundnetworld)!! Make sure you also signup with your emailWhen you signup you will receive exclusive incentives and discount opportunities on our products! Check out our shirts and accessories! ;)


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