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European Grand Slam - Prague, Czech Republic

The city of Prague was host to the biggest tournament in Czech republic's history this July - The Third Grand Slam Stop of the EUSRA Tour Series.

This was always going to be a special one! Over 50 teams came from 14 countries assembled in the very center of Prague at a venue located on a small hill overlooking this magnificent and medieval city.

European grand slam tour stop

The Advanced division was extremely competitive with the #1 ranked team in Europe, SJP Fire with their eyes on the prize from the very start. Even though Tom and Tommy of SJP Fire were injured after a heavy season of playing Roundnet worldwide, they coasted through the group stages and were confident heading into the Knock Out stages.

European grand slam EUSRA
Simon and Andreas of RCG Tseinegain made their native Austria proud on this day. They proved their ability to play at the very highest level and battled their way to the finals. But this is when they would face their biggest challengers to date, SJP Fire.

This final was special! An international face off. Both teams put their bodies on the line for every single point. However, the vast experience that Tom and Tommy from SJP fire have gained from playing high pressure matches played in their favor and in the end the unstoppable UK duo were crowned champions for the 2nd tour stop in a row!

European grand slam EUSRA

The mixed nationality team of team Benny (Austrian) and Marian (Italian) of RCG Dio Knedl won the battle for 3rd place against Willem and Frederik (No Fly Zone) from Belgium. Tour favorites and local superstars Matej and David of Street Gang team did not have the luckiest day and finished on the shared 13.-16th place. Another tour favorite Janek (Poland) and Ruth (UK) of Salt & Pepper showed their power in the open division as the best mixed team.

Sabina and Gabriela of The Saga Continues were the Winners of the Women's division narrowly beating the German team Last Picks made up of Alexa and Paula. The third place went to Austrian powerhouse Meike and Tina of RCG Atomic Kittens who played against Martina and Johanna of International Girls in the 3rd/4th play off.

European grand slam EUSRA

The Beginner/Intermediate division's finals was between two German teams - the winners were Andreas and Janik of Tweener Turner, the 2nd place went to Nikolaus and Jonas of Die heiligen 2 Könige. 

After the ceremony everyone was hoping for the win at Roundnet raffle for which there was quite a lot of prizes! Gabi from Czech Roundnet commented “ There were so many happy faces at one place. It was just a miracle. We at Czech Roundnet hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did and we hope to see all of you at the Euros in September - it will be the biggest tournament ever held in Europe.”


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