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The World Top 5 Plays of the Month - May

In Roundnet Worlds inaugural 'World Top 5 Plays' we had HUGE competition for all ranks and from all over the world. May is and will always be a prime time to play Roundnet all day everyday no matter where you are. 

Some of the Highlighted events worldwide in May were:

  • The First Ever EUSRA tour stop - The Belgian Grand Slam
  • SRA Mid-West Tour stop - Milwaukee, WI
  • SRA West Tour stop - Seattle, WA
  • SRA South-East Tour stop - Dallas, TX
  • SRA East Tour stop - Lancaster, PA
  • The Czech Spring Spikeball Masters

What have we missed? Shout it out in the comments below!

Want to feature in Junes 'The World Top 5 plays of the month' and give your community the recognition they deserves for being such insane ballers? Tag us in your posts, send us your clips and mainly get out there and spike on..... Always remember a camera!

What do you think of the Top 5 this month? How should they be ranked in your opinion? Or give respect to some of the awesome ballers who have made the top this month.

You guys are making the sport what it is today! Thank you



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