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Why You Need to Play More Tournaments

After reflecting on last year and how far Roundnet has developed I came to realise just how important it is to attend tournaments. For newer players who haven't attended a many competitive tournament before, the first tournament may be nerve-racking. Question like "am I ready?" or "is it worth going if we are not going to win?" come to mind for me. To you guys and girls who this applies to this article is to help you make your decision. 

Spikeball be a better baller, Roundnet

1. You are beyond ready

Tournaments are for everyone. Let me say that again... tournaments are for everyone. I've met some people at tournaments that only played a handful of times before that day. If you are questioning your ability you can always enter your first tournament in the beginner or intermediate division!

2. It's time for a challenge

Answer me this! Doesn't it get old playing with the same people day after day? Aren't you curious what's out there? How do your skills stack up against someone on the other side of the country/continent (or even the world)?
If you are starting to reach the ceiling of your skill level playing with the same people time after time you may be the big fish in a small pond. Sure it's cool to be the big fish, but there isn't much room for personal improvement until you're in a bigger pond and you start challenging yourself.

3. You aren't sure if you want to travel

Lucky for you Roundnet has spread like around the world as easily as butter on toast... A couple years ago they were few and far between. In the US, I would presume that there is at least one sanctioned tournament in each state this year. In the EU, there are communities popping up everyday and they have become unified! In 2020 we are seeing an explosion of roundnet communities all over the world and I gaurentee you there is one near you. So if you don't want to travel far you don't have to!

4. Don't you want to meet some new people?

Tournaments create an awesome opportunity to meet other players like yourself. You might also meet some other people who live in your city, thus expanding your immediate group since you found some new people to play with!

5. You will have more fun than you could imagine

You'll get to play non-stop all day, play against strangers, meet some new people, and have a blast.

6. You will create memories!

Sometimes in life as you're in the moment you realize that you're creating a memory. For example, a memory you can look back on with fondness 'My First Spikeball Tournament'. I would even venture out and presume that experienced Spikeball players who are reading this right now still remember their first tournament... I'll close with this, I've never met someone who didn't have fun at a tournament or who regretted entering the first one. When in doubt you'll never know until you try... Right?

COMMENT below with your 'First Roundnet Tournament' to help ballers just like you get to that next level


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  • Mark Elbourne

    I had only played a handful of times with friends at the beach before we decided to sign up to our first tournament, thinking we would get pummelled. But to our surprise there were others who were also new to the game and just out there for fun! Especially for us Aussies it’s still a new game to so many people so don’t be scared, get out there and have some fun, it’s not the olympics, but it’s somewhere you will be able to take your game to the next level guaranteed!

  • Thomas Roine

    It was a great experience playing with you Simon! It was my first tournament as well.
    Would’nt have gotten that far if i had played with my brother who also missed his flight haha 😄
    Great advice!
    Always down for another team up! 😉

  • Simon Leonard

    My first European Tournament was at the 2018 European Championships in London!
    Somehow my partner missed his flight from Dublin, Ireland that morning so I was forced to search for a new one! Luckily, I found Thomas from Germany who made my experience INCREDIBLE!
    I had never met any of these people before but because I was the only one representing Ireland I had to go and introduce myself to people.
    That day I made friends with people from communities across Europe and every time i go to a EUSRA tournament I get to see them again! Nothing makes me more excited! I dont rhink I would have these relationships if I didn’t go alone.
    My advise, if your community/group of friends are afraid to attend a tournament I gaurentee you that if you reach out to the organizers of the tournament they will have a partner for you.
    After this experience you will not only grow as a player but also as a person!
    Much love. Xxx

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