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Roundnet Athlete - Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Elements of a Roundnet Athlete

It’s the middle of the first game of the 2019 Spikeball Roundnet Nationals Finals between the #1 and #2 teams in the world: Cisek-Showalter and Boysterous, and Preston Bies, a member of the Boysterous Roundnet team, has his hands on his knees after a point was just scored. He’s not doing this because he is tired, but instead, he is laughing in disbelief over what just happened. He just emphatically finished off what will be known as the “RALLY OF THE YEAR”. Every true Roundnet fan knows what play I am talking about, but if not, check out the video below to see:

Crazy. I know. A perfect example of one of the top 4 players in the world making an incredible play during the highest stage of Roundnet at this time. This is a case where complete awareness, skill, and maybe a little bit of luck, was involved to make the play. However, Roundnet involves much more than just awareness and skill. From receiving a serve to running down to make a play on the ball, all high-level Roundnet players must be quick, have good acceleration, and possess smooth body control in order to compete at the next level. There are Roundnet players, but then there are Roundnet Athletes, and you just watched four of the best!

This is where this blog comes into play. We will show you the beginning of how to become a Roundnet Athlete.

Who is The Roundnet Athlete?

Hello world, my name is Tyler and I am The Roundnet Athlete. I combine my passions for Roundnet and fitness to create athletic movements that help all Roundnet players from around the world improve their game. (A few months ago, I received a video from a fine group of Ballers from Lier in Norway doing one of my drills!) My passion for the sport has led me to integrating it into my college lifestyle by becoming the president of the Spikeball Club at University of California, San Diego. Beyond that, I believe fitness is such an important aspect of life and my creative workouts make it fun to stay active while also incorporating one of the fastest growing sports in the world. My workouts are for everyone from new Roundnet players, to the Pros, to even people who are interested in unique athletic movements that can be applied to any sport.

This blog will include a few of my videos that I post on my Instagram @roundnetathlete and some explanations about how they will help you. These videos only scrape the surface of my content so I encourage you to follow me to see what I have already posted and the exciting workouts I have in store on the way! (Giveaways too?!)


1. Abs Balance and Control


Once you begin to follow me for a little bit, you will soon see that I really enjoy unique ab movements and this is one of them that incorporates a Spikeball. This looks much easier than it actually is so definitely give it a try. The medicine ball on the ground is meant to increase instability and force you to engage the core to keep your entire body under control.

Valuable for:

  • Core and spinal stabilization and overall strengthening
  • Shoulder stability and endurance
  • Training your neuromuscular system

It’s overall a pretty fun and simple yet challenging exercise that can be done anywhere. You can replace the Spikeball with a small weighted ball to increase the difficulty.

2. Baller Sit-Ups

Here’s what I call the Ballers Sit-Ups which is a very fun exercise that only requires a wall other than the normal Roundnet gear. Again, back with the ab engagement, but this time you can practice your touches onto the net as well. As you can hopefully tell from the video, I am holding my feet up against the legs of the net which help ground me as I do my sit-ups.

Valuable for:

  • Practicing Roundnet touches onto the net
  • Doing sit-ups while having some fun with it
  • Ab Strengthening

I have many other unique and creative videos similar to this one that directly combine a simple workout with Roundnet related movements, this one happens to use the core.

3. Lateral Ladder Returns

For the final movement, I get out into the open field and set up a speed ladder on the ground 6 feet away from the net (regulation for real games). This is the perfect workout that works on speed and quickness and goes into direct play of Roundnet. Here I have my younger brothers doing the workout with me where one serves and the other is my teammate whom I pass to and then finish.

Valuable for:

  • Effective 3-Person Drill
  • Work on quickness of feet
  • Anticipate a serve receive coming off the ladder
  • Overall Roundnet touches and different finishes over the net

My favorite movements are the ones that involve working on speed and acceleration while also getting into some practical Roundnet plays. I also use hurdles instead of the ladder to change up the movement and you come off to receive the serve.


And those are only three of my many different workout videos that you can find on my Instagram @roundnetathlete . I hope you found it interesting and helpful and that you may implement some of the movements and ideas into your next workout. I look forward to taking the journey along with you to becoming a Roundnet Athlete!
Questions or comments? (Or even send me videos of your journey)

Email: roundnetathlete@gmail.comInstagram: @roundnetathlete, YouTube: Roundnet Athlete


Tyler the Roundnet Athlete


  • Yen Williams

    Thank you for this post! I really needed this inspiration to continue on my weight loss journey. I am currently 330 pounds, but because of these exercises I managed to lose 20 pounds in the last 2 months.

  • Kieu Smith

    I have tried all of these and I assure you, they work! This is extremely helpful, especially since I am trapped at home due to coronavirus. I stay fit and healthy and I have fun while I do it.

  • Trevor Debo

    Pretty dope stuff going on here! I will be sure to check out @roundnetathlete on Insta.

  • Jason

    Nice work! Love the content! I want more!

  • Brandon Luu

    So cool! Love the roundnet athete’s workouts. Keep it up man!

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