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Roundnet Focused Training Program

Spikeball roundnet strength and conditioning fitness exercise

Written By: Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

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Home Sweet Home

With the health and safety of everyone on our minds and in our actions, I wanted to create a home based/limited equipment workout program, while attempting to make it as roundnet specific as possible! 

- Roundnet requires a dynamic set of movement 'skills' -

I think it is important when playing roundnet to be a well rounded ‘mover’.

When it is appropriate, being able to perform skills with a combination of strength and power. 
Training for the needed agility and mobility, as well as the anaerobic efficiency, to sprint down a ball on defense and sprint back to the net to hit the ball, while also demonstrating the balance to avoid touching the net.

While also having the cardiovascular endurance to last 6+ hours in a roundnet tournament. 

Awareness - Listen To Your Body

Be aware when you move. Be aware when you are still.

Sometimes listening to your body means using a less difficult, or more difficult, exercise variation.

Try to be aware if one leg is 'firing' more during your squats, or if one shoulder fatigues sooner during pushups, etc.

Listen to your body
and take a day off of a certain area, or muscle group, or perhaps train harder - based on how you’re feeling.

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ workout program that will work perfectly for everyone. 

Exercise Variations and Progressions

EVERYONE has different needs when training.

This is where variations and progressions, and listening to your body, come in handy!

As you will see on the workout template, some exercises involve user CHOICE!
YOU have the CHOICE!

For example, ‘Push Up Progression’ calls for 4x8-15 (increasing by 2 each set). You can perform push ups from your knees or legs fully extended or even with a weight on your back - if you feel advanced enough!

In terms of reps, maybe you did a lot of yard work on Sunday and your arms are tired still during Monday’s workout... so you start at 10 reps and keep it there for a few sets and maybe increase on the final set, based on how you feel.
East Roundnet

Or perhaps you sat on the couch all day on Sunday, resting from your big Saturday hike, and only lifted up your coffee cup and phone to order delivery food (great work being safe)... then you might start at 12 reps and go up by 3 reps each set because you’re feeling good!!

All that comes back to: listen to your body, find your current level and try and move up from there, without getting discouraged.

If you need to use a less difficult exercise ‘variation’ on the way there, do it!
And progress from there!

Link To Article - 'Tournament Prep Like a Pro'

Warm-Up and Cool Down


5 minute walk/general movement

Sun Salutation x3

Ankle Circles - 3x20 (clockwise, counter clockwise, point and flex)

Bear Crawl/All 4's - 3x2x4 per 'steps' side - forward and backward

Push Up Variation- 3x10ish


A full body, dynamic, SAFE, warm up is CRUCIAL to success of the workout, lowers the likelihood of injury, while helping you perform your best.

The days of static stretching before a workout are gone, though there still is some room for static stretching in some cases, after workouts. 

From the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) in regards to warming up,

Although well-designed warm-up procedures can enhance athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, and lessen the potential for muscle soreness after exercise (1,21,26), it is important to realize that warming up and stretching are two different activities.

A warm-up consists of preparatory activities and functionally based movements that are specifically designed to prepare the body for exercise or sport. In contrast, the primary goal of stretching is to enhance flexibility.

These distinctions are important because long-held beliefs about traditional warm-up procedures have recently been questioned.

Some scientists and practitioners now propose that it may be advantageous to exclude static stretching from warm-up routines prior to sport training and athletic competitions

(32,49,52,59).” (NSCA, Introduction to dynamic warmup, 2017)


As you will see in my warm up, it’s very movement based and you can choose what you do! 

Walk around your house, start/transfer your laundry, start up some rice in the rice cooker, check the mail, pick up the cat, walk up and down the block, skip around your yard, water your plants, something to get you moving for 5-8 minutes, before you move on to more advanced movements later in the warm up.

From there you will move on to a few more ‘specific’ full body movements, such as the sun salutation series (YouTube has THOUSANDS of videos).

Video: Sun Salutation

Bear Crawl Progression

Crawling is one of the first movements we do as humans! Moving towards food, loved ones, shelter, water, toys, Spikeball sets, etc.! 

Over the years - sitting, training, sleeping, sports, injuries, life, etc. - most of us have forgotten how to perform this basic and CRUCIAL movement! 

Going back and practicing the basics can help make your everyday movements and athletic movements more proficient!

Example: Bear Crawl Progression - 3x2x4 

That means 3 'sets' of 2 “lengths” of 4 ‘steps’ forward and backward. Four steps forward and four steps backward, repeat that once, equals one set.

Video: Bear Crawl Progression

Foam Rolling

You can also add in foam rolling to your warm-up/cool-down!

I like to keep the foam roller moving on muscles, while stopping on 'tight' spots.

A little bit of discomfort is alright, but do not go to the point where you are grimacing in pain! 

A tennis ball can also be a good tool to have with you as well - for rolling out feet, calves, hips, etc.

Link To Article - Roundnet and Return to Play - Injury Risk and Strategies for Safe Return to Roundnet Game-Play Post ‘Sport Hiatus’

Video: Foam Roll Warm-Up

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Body of the Workout

These at home workouts are built upon doing three-four sets of two exercise ‘supersets’. 

First, you’ll do your best to complete the prescribed sets and reps, in group ‘A’. 

After performing the two exercises with minimal rest in between, take a 60-90 second rest, where I challenge you to get some touches with a roundnet ball! 10 touches with each hand and then 10 between hands, repeat! 

After 60-90 seconds of rest, begin the next set of ‘A’, repeat the exercises and rest process until all prescribed sets are complete for ‘A’, then move to ‘B’, etc.

Superset Example

Here is an example of what a ‘superset’ looks like in this workout. 

Example: Bear Crawl Progression - 3x2x4 

1. Perform the bear crawl progression, taking 4 ‘steps’ forward, and backwards, using whatever bear crawl variation you feel is appropriately challenging but do-able! That may be from your hands and knees or it may be with your knees off of the ground!

That means 3 sets of 2 “lengths” of 4 ‘steps’ forward and backward. Four steps forward and four steps backward, repeat - equals one set.

2. Right after that, go into 10 hip bridges. If you feel two legged hip bridges are too easy, perform single leg hip bridges! 

3. Then, take 60-90 seconds rest, getting your roundnet ball touches in!

Then, hit the same superset again, until all prescribed sets and reps are completed in that block, and then move to block ‘B’!




Sets x Reps

Actual Sets & Reps


Bear Crawl (Forward and Backward)

3x4x4 steps per side

Hip Bridge (Single leg if more advanced)



Roundnet Specific Exercises

When creating this exercise program I had a few goals in mind:

What exercises can be done at home/not at a gym, with minimal equipment?

What exercises will translate best to improving your roundnet game? 

Whether it is singularly or in combination, anytime you are training to increase athleticism, movement proficiency, muscular strength, endurance, power, aerobic and anaerobic systems, balance, explosiveness, dynamic movement, etc. you are improving your roundnet game.

East Tour 3 – Spikeball Roundnet Association

I think it is important when playing roundnet to be a well rounded ‘mover’. 

Roundnet requires a dynamic set of movement 'skills'.

When it is appropriate, being able to perform skills with a combination of strength and power

Training for the needed agility and mobility, as well as the anaerobic efficiency, to sprint down a ball on defense and sprint back to the net to hit the ball, while also demonstrating the balance to not touch the net.

While also having the cardiovascular endurance to last 6+ hours in a roundnet tournament. 

It’s a science and an art, BABY!

Cool Down

A cool down can look similar to a warm up, without the more strength based exercises. 

I like to walk around a bit, do a bit of yoga, foam rolling, breath deeply through my nose, drink some water, take a hot epsom salt bath, maybe some static stretching of certain muscles. 

Take this time to lower your heart rate, drink some water, and get ready to refuel with some healthy food!

Link To Article - 'Roundnet Athletes and Sleep - Are They Getting Enough?'

Other Thoughts

Have fun! 

Movement, exercise, sport, etc are for having fun! I know myself and a lot of us are missing our roundnet meet-ups and social circles.

Try these at home workouts, send them to a friend, do them virtually with friends and get to improving your roundnet game!


To VIEW and DOWNLOAD your roundnet focused personal training program!

Spike On,

Tom Witt 

Contact: Instagram: @roundnetprotraining & @tomtoowitty_sports_blog

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Witt Roundnet Round-Up’ 



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