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In 'Learning from the Pros: Serving Part 1' you learned that we interviewed PJ Showalter, Patrick Drucker, Dan McPartland, and Tyler Cisek. We asked them how they conceptualize serving and basic tips to improve. For this blog post we'll reveal their answers to our final two questions... 3. Pro Tips? 4. Anything else you want to add about Serving?

3. Pro tips?

PJ- Have an arsenal of serves. If you're playing the top competition you'll be more successful if you have serves that can challenging the opponents left hand as well as their right. Have a drop serve is also a very good way to make sure your opponent isn't cheating back off the net to return your fast serves. Variety is very helpful though, as long as it's not accompanied with a significant loss of consistency. If you attain a variety of serves that you're consistent at, you're good to go.

Drucker- Focus on where the ball is making contact with the net.  If you can work around the entire front pocket area, you can hit a bunch of different angles without changing your swing a whole lot.

Dan- One slightly obvious tip that I have is to try use as much of the net as you can. Players have become very good at using the whole net for hitting kill shots, but I still see a lot of players aiming only for the center of the net when serving. Hitting only the edge of the net can be very deceiving and difficult to return.

Tyler- Spin and consistency are key. Spin causes all kinds of problems when It comes to getting good first touches. Spin makes the ball kick off the net and has returners constantly thinking which leads to your advantage. Consistency is huge. Like I said earlier, working on one serve is important because you need to be able to get your serves on. So many people are going for aces when you really need to allow yourself to get breaks by getting a consistent, good serve on. Another tip would be to just get weird and try everything when you’re just messing around. There are so many different types of serves that you can do from different stances. How Fitzy and I come up with cool things when we’re hitting around is we just joke around like “imagine if someone did this?!” and then it’ll work one time... then our minds run wild on how to improve it and be able to use it in a game situation. Being creative is a big key to having a crazy serve.

4. Anything else you want to add about Serving?

PJ- Try new things. The best new serve in the game is waiting out there to be discovered. Serving has changed a lot the past few years, and I imagine it will only do the same in the years to come. Be the person the tries that new thing that happens to become the best serve in roundnet.

Drucker- Hit the ball hard enough and you won't need any fancy fwingos or whatever kids are calling it these days!

Tyler- Enjoy what you are doing and have fun making up new things. Take every point as an opportunity to break a team and always have the confidence that your serve is going to be great EVERY time you serve. People always ask me what the most important trait of Spikeball is and I always say confidence.

Thanks to PJ, Drucker, Dan, and Tyler for their thoughtful responses! We hope you can take these tips and improve that serve of yours! :)

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