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Life is Better with Roundnet!

Shout out to Joey Pieron who stepped down from Roundnet World this week. Joey is a true Baller and put his heart and soul into writing Articles like the one you are about to read. This one is particularly thought provoking and really makes me feel so lucky that I discovered Roundnet. What about you? Leave a comment below.

At the recent ‘King of the Beach’ tournament in Chicago I made it a point to introduce myself and have a quick conversation with Chris Ruder (Spikeball Chris). My message was simple, “Thank you for improving my life.” This man did the foundational work for what Spikeball is today and has made everything possible. I have so much gratitude for this man, and simply cannot fully express it in words. On that note, let's talk about some of the benefits of playing this sport!

  1. Exercise: Roundnet serves as a great form of exercise especially once it starts getting competitive! Without going on a psychological rant, not only does this improve your physical health, it improves your mental health as well. That being said, it doesn't quite feel like exercise when you're having fun and running around in sand or grass with your friends
  2. Friendships: It will strengthen the friendships you already have and create new friendships with people you otherwise likely never would have met. This is where my ultimate gratitude for Chris comes in… if he didn't have a passion for this sport early on- I likely never would have met 100+ awesome people in my life. It's simple yet true, so again thank you sir! Even if you don't have consistent people you play with, the community is constantly growing. Local Facebook pages, Spikeball's App, and other forms of technology are making it easier to find games near you and meet some new people! Otherwise embrace the old fashioned way and just head down to your local beach and introduce yourself and ask to play! Side note: I now consider some of my closest friends the guys I play Spikeball with.
  3. Competition: as you and your friends continue to get better at Roundnet- it becomes a great competitive outlet. As someone whose played organized sports his whole life, transitioning to life after college was a little odd partly because I didn't have an obvious competitive outlet. In high school my three sports were basketball, soccer, and tennis. In college I played intramural basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball, and soccer. Now after college my life has revolved around tennis and Roundnet.
  4. Getting outside: The good ol’ Vitamin D! A natural mood booster. The sport of Roundnet naturally gives you an excuse to get outside! (Not that you needed one) but I don't know many other sports that are as portable as Spikeball. You can literally play anywhere!
  5. Mental Health- There is something to be said about being on a scenic beach running around in the sand that makes it so easy to be immersed in the present moment. For example have you ever played Spikeball and thought about a problem going on in your life? Have you ever had anxiety, or been sad when playing Spikeball? In my personal experience this has never been the case. If anything I've realized I turn to Spikeball when life throws us curveballs (that pun tho). Without going on too much of a psychological rant, Mindfulness and conscious awareness of the present moment is amazing for mental health.
  6. The last point I'll offer as a comment: I just wanted to take a second to offer my gratitude to the many people I've met playing this sport and to the people that made this possible. My life really has significantly improved since Spikeball became a larger part of my life. As I conclude this post I find myself humbled thinking back to my life when I started playing and where I am today- and how many amazing people I've met along the way.

If anything we hope this blog post will encourage you to go out there and play Roundnet/Spikeball more! Our mission here at Roundnet World is to help connect players all over the world, to help grow the sport of Roundnet and to be sure you don't miss any blog posts make sure you sign up with your email at the footer of this page

Spike on Joey! We love you long time
Simon. Xxx


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