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Attributes of a GREAT Baller

The popularity of Roundnet has exploded in the past few years- mostly due to the rapid success of Spikeball. As the sport continues to expand and grow, many athletes are determined to improve and capture glory. But what makes a legit Roundnet player? The following is a list of attributes that are hypothesized to produce the ultimate Roundnet player.

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  1. Athleticism: no surprises here, in competitive roundnet you frequently jump, dive, change direction, sprint, and spike. This sport requires as much athleticism as any sport we have today. 
  2. Hand-eye coordination: between serving, returning serves, defensive touches, setting, and spiking. Hand eye coordination is a must-have attribute to be a quality roundnet player.
  3. Agility/Quickness: not only do you have to quickly react playing Roundnet, you have to be able to get to the ball, agility and quickness helps get you there.
  4. Endurance: when going deep into tournaments you could potentially play 10+ competitive games in one day. Are you the type of player that gets stronger as the day goes on, or do you tend to fade?
  5. Awareness: What separates a good defensive player from a great defensive player? Why is it impossible to return several players spikes even though they don't hit very hard or far? Awareness and anticipation of where to put a ball or where a ball will go separates a good player from a great player. 
  6. Mental toughness: how will you respond deep in tournaments when you are under stress? Bad calls happen, how do you respond? To separate yourself from the rest- it certainly helps to be mentally tough.

*Sneak Peek*- Our next blog post may elicit a serious debate... The title is: 'Which Sport Best Translates to Competitive Roundnet?'. The sports being considered are: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and lacrosse. Feel free to create your own list and rank these sports from 9 to 1 and compare the results with our list when we publish the post in the next couple days! We have a feeling that many of you may have strong opinions about it! ;)

We hope you enjoyed this blog post! You can also find Roundnet World on Facebook and Instagram (@roundnetworld)!! 


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